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CACR 17 – Relating to the rights of parents. Providing that parents shall have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their minor children.
ITL Fails – (174 Y) – (186 N)

CACR 25 – Relating to the rights of children and parents. Providing that parents and children have the right to control their health, education, and welfare.

HB 1006 – Relative to creating a family access motion for the enforcement of parenting plans.

HB 1012 – Exempting from criminal penalty certain parenting decisions intended to encourage a child’s independence and freedom.

HB 1193 – Relative to the establishment of a child care tax credit program.

HB 1263 – Relative to parenting coordinators in high-conflict cases.

HB 1308 – Relative to parent access to children’s library records.

HB 1312 – Requiring parental notification of student health or well-being and certain curricula by school districts.

HB 1341 – Relative to the liability of grandparents to provide assistance.

HB 1392 – Relative to consideration of the opinion of the child in determining parenting time.

HB 1458 – Relative to authorizing parents to remove children from the English Language Learner Program.

HB 1524 – Relative to authorizing parents of special education children to observe in the classroom setting.

HB 1595 – Relative to adjustment of the child support guidelines based on parenting time, medical support, and child care expenses.

HB 1616 – Relative to parental consent for student participation in Medicaid to schools program.

HB 1659 – Relative to interference with child custody and shared parenting.


SB 340 – Relative to communication between parents and school districts regarding special education.

SB 341 – Relative to mandatory disclosure by school district employees to parents.

SB 422 – Changing several references and modifying language in parentage and birth records.

SB 558 – Relative to insurance coverage for infertility treatments, protection from discrimination during IVF treatments, parental leave, and adoption.

SB 573 – Relative to parental consent for medical care.