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CACR 17 – Relating to the rights of parents. Providing that parents shall have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their minor children.

CACR 25 – Relating to the rights of children and parents. Providing that parents and children have the right to control their health, education, and welfare.

HCR 10 – Urging Congress to increase federal funding for special education services to reduce property taxes in New Hampshire.

HR 30 – Urging a robust climate education in schools including current environmental and economic information.

HB 1008 – Relative to the authority of the commissioner of the department of education to grant extensions for the filing of school expenditure reports.

HB 1009 – Relative to the submission of annual town reports to the commissioner of the department of education.

HB 1014 – Relative to the registration of high school students to vote.

HB 1015 – Relative to requirements for literacy skill development in elementary grades.

HB 1019 – Relative to the interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children.

HB 1048 – Relative to the commission on Holocaust and genocide education.

HB 1066 – Relative to the graduation requirement of filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). [Action]

HB 1071 – Relative to the right to repair certain educational technology.

HB 1084 – Relative to qualifications for the commissioner of education.

HB 1107 – Relative to public school curriculum frameworks.

HB 1112 – Relative to establishing a continuing education requirement regarding human trafficking for individuals licensed by the office of professional licensure and certification.

HB 1128 – Relative to the definition of a scholarship organization for purposes of the education tax credit.

HB 1153 – Relative to mandatory and elective public school curricula.

HB 1160 – Relative to school assessments of statewide academic areas.

HB 1162 – Relative to teaching discrimination in public schools and discrimination in public workplaces.

HB 1163 – Relative to review of public school minimum standards by the legislative oversight commission.

HB 1165 – Relative to procedures for school facilities under the department of education.

HB 1176 – Establishing a commission to study current funding for special education and potential other funding sources.

HB 1185 – Relative to sexual education instruction.

HB 1235 – Relative to high school students serving as school board members.

HB 1269 – Relative to the use of child restraints in schools.

HB 1287 – Relative to the definition of the term “evidence-based” within public education.

HB 1305 – Relative to freedom of speech and association at public institutions of higher education.

HB 1353 – Relative to authorizing the commissioner of the department of education to issue subpoenas.

HB 1382 – Relative to special education support for military-connected students.

HB 1418 – Relative to the use of education freedom account funds to purchase school uniforms.

HB 1436 – Relative to requiring institutions of higher education to maintain certain statistical information on their website.

HB 1443 – Relative to special education dispute resolution.

HB 1450 – Relative to establishing a commission on higher education consolidation.

HB 1453 – Relative to degree granting authority of certain institutions of higher education.

HB 1469 – Relative to the retention of individualized education program records.

HB 1480 – Relative to alternative dispute resolution within individualized education programs.

HB 1509 – Prohibiting spending of special education moneys for any other purpose and requiring reporting of fund balances to the school board.

HB 1512 – Limiting education freedom account funding to budgeted amounts.

HB 1524 – Relative to authorizing parents of special education children to observe in the classroom setting.

HB 1517 – Relative to the statewide education property tax and excess revenue from games of chance.

HB 1534 – Relative to establishing a program to earn tuition credits for state of New Hampshire higher education institutions through community service.

HB 1553 – Relative to establishing a pilot program under the department of education to offer “spelling to communicate” services to students with autism or apraxia.

HB 1555 – Relative to special meetings for changes in education funding.

HB 1560 – Relative to unassigned moneys in the education trust fund.

HB 1561 – Relative to qualifications for student eligibility in the education freedom accounts program.

HB 1563 – Relative to the education property tax and the authority of political subdivisions.

HB 1570 – Requiring the department of education to conduct a facility assessment of public schools and public chartered schools.

HB 1583 – Relative to the per pupil cost of an opportunity for an adequate education.

HB 1586 – Establishing a foundation opportunity budget program for funding public education.

HB 1587 – Relative to the installation of video surveillance equipment in special education school buses.

HB 1588 – Relative to court jurisdiction over persons receiving special education.

HB 1592 – Relative to the use of education freedom account funds in religious schools.

HB 1594 – Establishing an annual review and qualification to determine eligibility to participate in the education freedom accounts program.

HB 1605 – Relative to alternative education programs for granting credit leading to graduation.

HB 1610 – Relative to standardized assessment data for participants in education freedom accounts.

HB 1634 – Relative to universal eligibility for the education freedom account program.

HB 1652 – Relative to establishing a local education freedom account program.

HB 1654 – Relative to review of education freedom account service providers.

HB 1655 – Relative to establishing an educator certification fund for fees paid to the department of education.

HB 1656 – Relative to adequate education grant amounts for pupils receiving special education services.

HB 1665 – Relative to student eligibility for the education freedom accounts program.

HB 1657 – Relative to prohibiting hazing at educational institutions.

HB 1670 – Relative to including all special education costs under state education grants.

HB 1675 – Relative to adjusting education adequacy grants based on pupil proficiency.

HB 1677 – Relative to participation in education freedom accounts based on school or school district proficiency scores.

HB 1686 – Relative to requiring excess revenues raised through the statewide education property tax to be remitted to the education trust fund and prohibiting the department of revenue administration from setting negative local and county tax rates on real property.

HB 1690 – Relative to hiring, promotion, graduation, or admission in higher education.

HB 1691 – Relative to the definition of an adequate public education.


SB 338 – Relative to the education professional standards board.

SB 340 – Relative to communication between parents and school districts regarding special education.

SB 343 – Relative to establishing school-based health services.

SB 376 – Relative to establishing a corrections education and vocational planning group.

SB 396 – Relative to making an appropriation to the culinary arts program at the Wilbur H. Palmer Regional Career and Technical Education Center.

SB 441 – Relative to establishing an advisory group to examine potential funding sources for career and technical education (CTE) construction and renovation.

SB 442 – Relative to student eligibility for education freedom accounts.

SB 444 – Relative to the public posting of board of education agenda items and meeting materials.

SB 517 – Relative to the employment status of university students working in educational programs.

SB 521 – Relative to the educational credentials for master teacher.

SB 522 – Relative to establishing an early childhood education scholarship account and making an appropriation therefor.

SB 525 – Relative to administration of the education freedom accounts program.

SB 552 – Relative to lapse of funds from the education trust fund.

SB 565 – Relative to discrimination in education and employment based on hairstyles historically associated with race.